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General Interest — Health and Wellness

    ▪ A Debate As Ancient As Greece
    ▪ Brain Food
    ▪ Canadian Researcher Has Discovered Why We Like To Be Touched
    ▪ Choose Wisely
    ▪ Does It Work
    ▪ Firstly, Do No Harm
    ▪ Making Adjustments
    ▪ Monopoly
    ▪ Sure It Works
    ▪ The Survey Says
    ▪ Touched
    ▪ What's a Picture Worth
    ▪ Why Do Good Joints Go Bad
    ▪ You Are Younger Than You Think
    ▪ The Big Leagues
    ▪ Low Level Laser – opinion paper

Clinical Record Keeping

    ▪ Health Care Research in the Real World
    ▪ What Should You Ask Your Health Care Practitioners
    ▪ Clinical Files
    ▪ Desegregating Chiropractic
    ▪ You Have a Right to Know
    ▪ Ongoing Treatment Records
    ▪ Ending the Patient Practitioner Relationship
    ▪ Correspond With More Confidence